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Easily convert LAS to LAZ and view your point cloud in the field with ROCK Desktop (Free Download!)

Introducing ROCK Desktop — a free point cloud file converter and data visualizer. ROCK Desktop converts your LAS files to LAZ files, compressing them by 90% of their original size. Saving precious storage space on your hard drive, all while drastically reducing upload and processing time (up to 10x faster!). ROCK Desktop also allows you to immediately view your captured point cloud data in the field without the need for an internet connection.

ROCK Desktop allows you to view your data in the field.

Capture Your Best Point Cloud

We wanted to offer a product that allows surveyors and LiDAR professionals to experience seamless integration from field to office to the cloud. Now you can cross your t’s and dot your i’s in the field to see if you need to re-fly an area. For ROCK Cloud users, you can simply upload your already-converted data to the cloud for post-processing in a fraction of the time.

ROCK Desktop gives you the quality control you need, making your aerial LiDAR surveying jobs more streamlined and efficient. You’ll never need to schlep back out to the job site to redo all the work you’ve already done. You’ll know right away if your data is good to go.

Convert Your Files from LAS to LAZ

There are a few free point cloud conversion programs out there, but we wanted one that provided a better user experience, faster integration, and a cloud-optimized workflow for existing ROCK Cloud users — although you don't have to be a ROCK Cloud user to use ROCK Desktop!

LAS-to-LAZ conversion and compression saves precious hard drive space and allows for significantly quicker uploads to the cloud.


Visualize Your Data

ROCK Desktop is a free local point cloud viewer. While there are a handful of other point cloud visualization tools out there, we weren’t satisfied with their workflows or interfaces. Simply stated, we wanted to make something better that allows surveying professionals to have a simple, user-friendly workflow.

You don’t need a WiFi connection to view your point cloud data in ROCK Desktop. The software allows you to see your data right away, even if you’re in the middle of nowhere with no signal. We’ve all been there!

Seamlessly Sync to ROCK Cloud

This feature offers two major upgrades to your project workflow. Speed up your upload time by 10x with your already-converted LAZ file. And then, once your project is uploaded, you'll be able to see your data right away and start working with it in ROCK Cloud.

ROCK Cloud is packed with tons of great features to get quality deliverables to your clients. It does the post-processing work for you, offering easy one-click processing deliverables through the ROCK Cloud Marketplace, including ROCK Surveyor, ROCK Planimetrics and ROCK SLAM.

ROCK R360 Survey Grade LiDAR
Left to right: ROCK R2A, R360, and ROCK Base.

Don’t Use ROCK Products?

If you don’t use ROCK Robotic LiDAR hardware or software — that’s okay. ROCK Desktop is free for anyone who wants a useful and effective tool to convert and visualize their point cloud data. Of course, we recommend that you utilize our survey-grade suite of LiDAR and aerial mapping software. But if you don’t, you can still take advantage of ROCK Desktop for free — right now!

ROCK Desktop is part of our mission to provide LiDAR professionals an end-to-end solution to capture and process LiDAR data with precision accuracy. Download ROCK Desktop today!


Are you ready to give ROCK Cloud a try? Start your 14-day free trial today.


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