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How-To Perform Calibration Flight for ROCK R3 Pro, R360, & R2A

Are you ready to master the calibration flight for your ROCK R3 Pro, R360, or R2A? In this informative guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure precise and accurate data collection every time. Let's get started!

1. Turning on the LiDAR and Data Recording

  • Start by turning on the LiDAR unit.

  • Initiate data recording by clicking the record button once and then clicking and holding it. This will activate the data collection process.

Turning on the LiDAR and Data Recording

2. Waiting for 30 Seconds

  • Allow the system to record static data for a minimum of 30 seconds. The LiDAR lights will blink green during this process, indicating that data collection is in progress.

Waiting for 30 Seconds

3. Engaging the Props and Taking Off

  • Move away from the drone and engage the propellers by pushing down and inward on the controller.

  • Gently ascend the drone by pushing up on the left joystick.

Turning on the LiDAR and Data Recording

4. High-Speed Kinematic Alignment

  • Once you've reached your desired altitude, perform a high-speed kinematic alignment. Push forward on the right joystick and maintain this speed for five seconds.

High-Speed Kinematic Alignment

5. Flying the Figure Eight Pattern

  • After the alignment, use both joysticks to fly a figure eight pattern. Push the right joystick forward and the left joystick to the right to create a loop.

  • Then, reverse the pattern by pushing the left joystick forward and the right joystick to the right.

6. Landing the Drone

  • Once you've completed the figure eight, land the drone by descending slowly.

  • Use the left joystick to control the descent until the propellers are disengaged completely.

Landing the Drone

7. Recording Static Data (Again)

  • After landing, wait for 30 seconds (up to a minute) and record static data once more to conclude the calibration flight.

  • You can extend this period to get a more robust and localized data set.

Recording Static Data (Again)
Recording Static Data (Again)

8. Turning off the LiDAR Data Collection

  • Finally, turn off the LiDAR data collection by pressing the record button once and then clicking and holding it again.

Remember, this calibration process is crucial for obtaining accurate data during your mission. While our ROCK Pilot app automates many of these tasks, having the skills to control the drone manually is valuable.

Practice the calibration flight a few times to become proficient, and you'll be all set to tackle your aerial missions with confidence. Happy flying!


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